Salesforce Financial Services Cloud: The Leading Technology Solution For The Financial Services Industry

For more than ten years, financial institutions have used Salesforce to increase productivity and handle client data. Additionally, advisors can now spend more time assisting clients in achieving their company goals by spending less time on administrative tasks with the aid of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Convenience, customization, and experiences are becoming more and more sought after by customers of contemporary financial services. Customers want to be attended to at the proper time and place, as well as to be heard and understood. To satisfy all of these customer expectations, financial institutions are investing heavily in digital transformation and customer experience.

In this piece, will look at Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and see how it can help your company.

What Is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud?

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a potent platform that combines CRM, financial management tools, and other features to help personalize client relationships. Users of Financial Services Cloud can depend on data to help them make better, more accurate, and more reliable business decisions by giving them an overview of a company’s financial situation.

Salesforce can give companies useful customer insights thanks to its integrated dashboards and AI features. Additionally, businesses can expand their customer base and develop faster by utilizing Salesforce tools. In this article, we will discuss Salesforce Financial Services Cloud in detail, including its features, benefits, and how it can help financial service providers.

Features of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Features of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud was created with adviser needs in mind and is built on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. It has features designed especially for client interaction.

One of the main benefits of the Financial Services Cloud is its capacity to alter the client interactions and care provided by wealth and asset management, finance, and insurance companies. Additional elements include:

  • Client Data Management
  • Complete Client and Household Views
  • Client Engagement and Productivity

Advantages of using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud 

By reducing friction and boosting efficiency, the Financial Services Cloud enables workers and individuals to have rich and effective workflows.

Enhancing Financial Account and Rollup Visibility

Bank accounts, investment accounts, insurance policies, and other financial assets are all available through Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. For various financial accounts, the Financial Account object has pre-defined record kinds.

Advisors use financial objectives to create investment strategies that help their clients achieve their financial goals. Making the best product and service recommendations requires having full knowledge of your clients’ accounts and assets.

An increase in customer engagement

Customer engagement

SFC raises engagement levels, whether they are with end customers, teams, or stakeholders. It creates a ton of new opportunities and offers businesses exceptional digital interaction thanks to its potent capabilities.

Keep track of and depict the important occurrences in your clients’ personal and professional lives, such as the launch of a new product or a move to a different location.

This platform also provides reliable and trustworthy insights through the use of AI, ultimately assisting businesses in making better choices.

Advisor analytics and business intelligence

With the aid of the analytics dashboard and data offered by Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, financial advisors can offer their clients better-informed choices, assisting in their growth and income.

Pre-built models and templates that have been specifically created for the financial services sector give you access to immediate insights.

Because this platform’s analytics are driven by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology, it is more dependable and accurate for making wiser financial choices.

Case alerts, tracking, and approvals that are seamless

Communication barriers between team members are eliminated by the Financial Services Cloud. It automates crucial tasks that can be automatically given to the appropriate team members based on their profiles in order to achieve particular goals.

Lead Tracking Financial Services Cloud enables you to keep a close eye on prospects and referrals.

You can further monitor the approval statuses of your clients using a customized approval procedure, easy document gathering, and the choice to link financial accounts, clients, and families to cases.

Relationship and Customer Care that is Intuitive

Customer Care

When customers expect more from companies, such as helpful guidance, prompt responses, and 24/7 communication, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud can assist your company in a number of ways.

You can identify high-profile clients and links by mapping customers with households, trusts, and professional associations.

Recognize and seize the possibilities presented by the layers of connections and vital information already in place.

Your clients will enjoy a seamless and simple experience thanks to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Intelligent Referral Routing

The Financial Service Cloud gives you the ability to prioritize client relationships and collaborate across various company silos by incorporating routing, insights, and scoring.

You can handle and prioritize connections more skillfully with AI-powered referral scoring and routing. After creating a referral pipeline, you can create an efficient communication flow to monitor and convert referrals.

Now, the system creates an opportunity and an account automatically as soon as you effectively convert these referrals.

The Bottom Line

Financial service providers can effectively manage client relationships, streamline operations, and spur development with the help of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, a potent tool.

With the aid of the Salesforce financial service cloud, insurance agents can provide each client with a customized product across a variety of devices. Your agents can gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire pipeline, including the ability to monitor new possibilities and streamline service streams.

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