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Saleforce Service Cloud Voice: Basic Guide

With the integration of telephony and Salesforce CRM through Service Cloud Voice, customers can enjoy a high-quality phone experience no matter where agents are located. This not only improves the agent’s experience but also provides supervisors with advanced visibility across all communication channels through an intuitive console powered by AI insights. Let’s explore with us now.

What is Service Cloud Voice?

Service Cloud Voice (SCV) is a cloud-based solution designed to assist businesses in managing customer interactions through various channels like chat, email, and voice.

SCV is based on Salesforce’s service cloud platform and presents a single interface to streamline customer interactions. The platform’s key attribute is its integration with Salesforce’s AI tool, Einstein, which enables businesses to automate tasks such as directing calls to the right agent or providing personalized customer responses.

Additionally, the platform also integrates with telephony providers like Twilio and Amazon Connect, allowing businesses to use their existing phone systems and simplify the management of customer interactions while reducing costs.

Service Cloud Voice

About Saleforce Service Cloud Voice

Increasing agent productivity

Improve the efficiency of your agents and provide customers with a reliable and streamlined service experience on each call by using Service Cloud Voice. With this solution, agents can quickly access a comprehensive view of the customer, along with better tools and data-driven insights, allowing them to resolve cases more swiftly. Additionally, the integration with Einstein AI provides agents with a single source of truth, increasing their productivity and enabling them to work more efficiently from any location, all through a unified platform.

Integrating calls easily

Connect your chosen telephony provider seamlessly to Service Cloud Voice or choose Amazon Connect’s pre-integrated telephony solution. By bringing your phone channel to SCV, customers can talk to the right agent at the right time, alongside web and social channels.

Answering the phone with AI

Integrate AI into your phone calls with SCV to make customer service more efficient. With the help of voice transcription and AI-powered recommendations from Einstein, agents can deliver a seamless customer experience while reducing average handle times. Additionally, supervisors can have real-time visibility into customer data from voice and CRM channels, and Einstein can provide agents with the right knowledge articles and next steps to solve customer issues faster.

Make it personal

Service Cloud Voice enables service teams to provide proactive and personalized service by giving agents access to accurate purchase history and prior customer conversations. With this information, agents can avoid putting customers on hold, fumbling for answers, or transferring them to other departments, providing hyper-personalized service that turns customers into fans.

Optimize training and management

With SCV, contact center supervisors can monitor customer calls for issues where agents need further training in real-time. This ensures faster case resolution and streamlines new agent onboarding by providing managers with the right tools to understand the changing agent experience.

Benefits of Saleforce Service Cloud Voice

Benefits of Saleforce Service Cloud Voice

A simplified workspace for agents

Make it easy for agents to handle all types of customer interactions from one screen. Service Cloud Voice provides integrated call controls that allow agents to manage phone calls alongside digital conversations across multiple channels. All these interactions are seamlessly integrated with Salesforce’s Customer 360, which provides agents with a complete view of the customer.

Improved customer experience through AI

Leverage the power of AI to enhance the customer experience. With Service Cloud Voice, agents can benefit from AI-driven features such as call log field predictions, voice-activated knowledge article recommendations, and Einstein case wrap-up. These capabilities help agents reduce handle time, leading to better customer experience and improved agent productivity.

Customer experience through AI

Real-time call transcription

Automatically capture the content of customer calls and link the transcript to the customer’s profile for future reference. Real-time call transcription can also be used to provide on-call intelligence such as “Next Best Actions” and “Reply Recommendations,” which enable agents to address customer queries quickly.

Valuable insights for supervisors

Give supervisors access to real-time insights that can help improve agent training and onboarding. You can configure keyword or sentiment analysis to flag calls that require additional coaching or attention.

Agents can work from anywhere

In today’s remote work environment, SCV allows agents to work from any location while still providing quality customer service. This flexibility can help organizations retain and attract top talent.

Quick and easy setup

Service Cloud Voice can be set up quickly and easily, as it comes pre-integrated with Amazon Connect and requires no complex installation or upgrade processes. This allows organizations to provide personalized service to their customers within weeks.

Scalable and future-proof

SCV is built on the same technology that Amazon uses to support millions of customers worldwide, making it easy to scale up or down as needed to meet changing business requirements.


To sum up, service cloud voice is a cloud-based communication platform that can help businesses manage their customer interactions across multiple channels, including voice, chat, and email. SCV provides a unified interface for businesses to manage their customer interactions and is built on Salesforce’s service cloud platform.

Service cloud voice provides a number of benefits, which can help businesses stay competitive in an increasingly digital world by providing a seamless customer experience and improving their operational efficiency.

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