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How To Get Snakes To Leave Crawl Space? 5 Best Ways Below

How To Get Snakes To Leave Crawl Space? You know, your house will become an “ideal” place for snakes to hide in summer or winter. Instead of sitting around in fear, immediately equip these necessary ways to prevent snakes from entering the crawl space.

Surely many people will wonder why, in addition to the large natural environment, snakes do not live. Occasionally or even often we see them suddenly appear somewhere in our crawl space, especially in this house. Simply because snakes have rather “sensitive” skin, their ability to withstand heat and cold is very weak, so they need to find shelter when the weather changes. And of course, your home, a place that is both safe and warm will be their target. To avoid this situation, quickly implement the ways to know How To Get Snakes To Leave Crawl Space, let’s explored our article now!

How To Get Snakes To Leave Crawl Space? 5 Best Ways Below

1. Planting ornamental plants capable of repelling snakes

For plants with specific scents (strong, pungent) such as purple garlic orchids, and kudzu, … snakes are extremely sensitive. If this uninvited guest smells it, it can cause discomfort and soon “run away” from the house. In particular, the snake plant is very effective in repelling snakes.

In addition to an adequate snake room, these plants also help colorize your living space more fresh and cool. Therefore, buy it right away and you can plant it in front of the fence or around the house right away.

2. How To Get Snakes To Leave Crawl Space by lemongrass plants

Lemongrass is also one of the “taboo” ingredients for snakes. For this method, you can use it directly by planting a few citronella bushes around the crawl space or taking a few out and placing them in the window frames, doors, the original positions of the house, … to prevent blocking their entrance. Anyone who finds this scent too strong can replace it with lemongrass essential oil.
How To Get Snakes To Leave Crawl SpaceYou just need to take a little essential oil and put it on a cotton ball or cloth, then place it in the necessary places or use an essential oil diffuser, or water sprayer with essential oils, and spray for the whole space of the house. This is a cheap, environmentally friendly way that is effective and good, and also helps to make the home more comfortable and fragrant.

3. How To Get Snakes To Leave Crawl Space by Spices with a strong smell

There is no need to go far, even your own small kitchen has things that are “revenge” for that snake. Garlic, onions, and compressed tubers, … are the ingredients in this list. With spicy, strong, pungent, strong olfactory stimulation, this uninvited friend is very afraid.

Instead of keeping it directly, in order to promote the most optimal use, we can mix 10 branches of cilantro, 10 compressed bulbs, 1 garlic bulb, and a bit of tobacco, and then smash it. Then, put it in a bag and hang it around the house, especially where the snake can easily get in or take it with you. And the species that are most afraid of this method is the red-tailed green viper. Please attention.

4 Raising dogs and cats

How To Get Snakes To Leave Crawl Space

Although dogs and cats are not exactly called the “rectifiers” of snakes, they can make them wary. Just smell the smell or hear the barking, the sound of cats and dogs, and make sure the snakes will panic and stay away. Moreover, cats and dogs also help “kill” the food source of snakes (rats, insects, reptiles, …) making them no longer interested in your crawl space anymore. Therefore, immediately raise this loyal friend to both befriend and prevent snakes from entering the crawl space.

5 Keep the house neat and clean

How To Get Snakes To Leave Crawl Space

Not only used to prevent snakes but tidy and clean house cleaning must always be done daily, weekly. The behavior of most animals (not only snakes) also likes and chooses dark corners, burrows, nests, under beds, … as shelters. Also for this reason, cleaning the living space, arranging all items neatly, and ventilated will lose their hiding place.

In addition to the above methods, you can also try these methods to How To Get Snakes To Leave Crawl Space?

  • Immediately clean up the bushes and weeds around the house. This is also an area where snakes often hang out.
  • When detecting that the house has gaps or cracks, … then quickly cover it up because snakes and insects often choose this place to make a nest and breed there.
  • If you find snakes in your crawl space, you can use fluorescent powder (fluorescent powder), and sulfur powder to sprinkle them. However, this method is not recommended for much use because it can affect the environment as well as human health. Use only in case of emergency without having any necessary items with you.


Hopefully, with the above sharing, you will be able to relieve some of the feelings of insecurity, and fear of snakes entering the house. The above methods for How To Get Snakes To Leave Crawl Space are safe, friendly to health, and quite effective. Apply it to your home now. Thank you for reading!

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