How to Backup Mac to Cloud ?

How to backup mac to cloud? Macs have their own backup mechanism called Time Machine, as most Mac users are likely aware. Except for cloud backup, this program supports all user backup requirements. will go over how to back up your Mac using Time Machine in this article.

How to Backup Mac to Cloud ?
How to Backup Mac to Cloud ?

Every Mac comes with a fantastic tool that backs up data and the system in the event of a problem. Time Machine is the name of it. The tool automatically creates a backup of each updated file using external storage or NAS systems that support Time Machine protocols. But what would you do in the event that the external drive was damaged? There is only one HDD within the Time Capsule, which poses a risk since if that disk fails, your data is lost. The Time Capsule is a specialized Apple NAS system for making backups. Therefore, wise users would use a different backup place to prevent such a situation. A fantastic answer is cloud storage.

How to perform time machine backup to the cloud

We’ll go through how to backup using Time Machine as a generic backup tool that works with MSP360 Backup and cloud storage in the sections below. Your data will be saved in this scenario if terrible conditions arise.

How to Perform Time Machine Backup to the Cloud
How to Perform Time Machine Backup to the Cloud

Before beginning, you will need the following:

  1. Time Machine must be correctly configured and run on MacOS 10.8 or later. Additionally, you will want a local NAS device that supports the Time Machine protocols or an external USBThunderbolt disk. Please refer to this Apple manual if you require further information.
  2. Freeware version of MSP360 Backup for Mac. Keep in mind that this version lacks capability for cutting-edge functions like compression and encryption.
  3. Supported cloud storage account. We will use Amazon S3 as an example, but you can choose a cloud of your preference.

In our plan, Time Machine regularly builds backups. Then, MSP360 Backup maintains retention periods and uploads this data to the cloud.

Following are instructions on setting up MSP360 Backup to do backups using a Time Machine repository on an external drive:

  1. Next to the Backup Plans area on the left, click the Plus button.
  2. Go ahead and select a cloud storage option there. You might want to use the Plus button to add an account.
  3. Navigate to the external disk and choose the root folder, commonly called Backups. backupdb, at the Backup Source step. All Time Machine backup files are stored in this container. Every updated file from this folder will be routinely uploaded to the cloud by MSP360 Backup.
  4. To maintain the repository’s structure, select Backup empty folders and deselect Exclude system folders.
  5. Choose the preferred retention time and permit MSP360 Backup to remove old data. Remember that each repository version already contains the history of all user file versions, therefore it is not required to preserve several repository versions. Data can be safeguarded against corruption with just a few repository versions.
  6. Next, select more affordable storage tiers for long-term archiving and more complex backup options like compression or encryption. Because you won’t download this information frequently, this is an excellent idea. We use Amazon S3 Standard Infrequent Access storage as an example. Check out our in-depth post on Amazon S3 storage classes to learn more about the various S3 storage options and pricing.
  7. Establish a timetable for cloud data uploads. We advise selecting rather lengthy time frames, like several weeks.

FINAL STEP. Click Done after configuring notification settings and seeing the backup plan summary. For the data on your Mac, you now have a local-to-cloud backup plan. Additionally, you may easily restore data from the cloud and then utilize the Mac restoration interface as usual if you lose the drive that houses your Time Machine backups.

Conclusion how to backup mac to cloud

You now understand how to back up your mac to the cloud using Time Machine. Visit our other page to see our alternative Mac backup choices. During the free 15-day trial, you can also test the MSP360 Backup for Mac-based solution.

Conclusion how to backup mac to cloud
Conclusion how to backup mac to cloud

Also, feel free to discuss utilizing your Mac to backup to the cloud in the comments area below. We support system-level backup and recovery for macOS and are interested in your opinions.

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