3 Best Cloud Computing Degree Programs

The best use of the cloud computing degree with a bachelor’s degree, you can get ready for a lucrative and challenging profession. Graduates pursue careers in computer network architecture and think about pursuing a cloud computing bachelor’s degree. In addition to database communication and network security, you must be an expert in all information technology principles to operate in the cloud computing industry.

The job prognosis for a computer network architect is favorable if you have a bachelor’s degree in cloud computing. There is a greater need for workers who have this experience, skill, and ability than there are available. Because this is a specialist sector, you have more room to grow and chances to earn more money. You can sometimes even ask for your salary scale. In this article, will discuss 3 best cloud computing degree programs.

3 Best Cloud Computing Degree Programs

Jobs in cloud computing will grow by about 5% over the next ten years as the industry expands. There are various occupations available if this particular career path interests you. There are also many different focus areas, including, to mention a few, DevOps, Big Data, security, advanced networking, and operation development. As a result, you have a variety of choices. Therefore, earning a bachelor’s degree in cloud computing provides you the freedom to choose which jobs you want to apply for.

3 Best Cloud Computing Degree Programs
3 Best Cloud Computing Degree Programs


The online BS in Cloud Computing and Solutions program from Purdue University Global is at the top of the list of the finest cloud computing degree programs. Through virtual IT laboratories and hands-on instruction, this program offers useful, applicable skills. The application of classroom lessons to actual cloud computing scenarios is something that students learn. Graduates may assist their enterprises with the planning, development, and finalization of cloud conversions. Students develop the business sense, technical, and strategic abilities necessary to guarantee data security, develop cloud-based solutions, and perform continuing maintenance.

Working folks can receive a top-notch online education from Purdue University Global. By keeping tuition low, the institution aims to make high-quality education available to more students. Both traditional online education and competency-based learning are available at the school.

Highlight: This program is 180 credit hours and requires about 15-18 hours per week of effort from the student.

Program: BS in Cloud Computing and Solutions


The online undergraduate certificate in cloud computing program at American Military University is available. This certificate can be combined with a bachelor’s degree in information technology, cybersecurity, data science, or another related field. In today’s linked world, the certificate program offers enhanced information and abilities that are useful. Students learn about virtualization in a cloud computing environment along with network installation, data security, and privacy. Graduates are able to design and implement solutions.


More than 200 degrees and certificates are available from American Military University. The online courses last either eight or sixteen weeks each. The best higher education institution for US military personnel is AMU. The average student age at the school is 32, and 88 percent of the pupils are employed adults. AMU has granted 112,000 degrees since 1995 and has more than 100,000 alumni.

Highlight: This certificate program helps students expand their knowledge of service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Program: Cloud Computing Undergraduate Certificate


The George Mason University’s Bachelor of Applied Science with a concentration in cloud computing comes in second place on the list of top cloud computing degree programs. The job market appears to be bright with more than 50,000 open positions in cloud computing. A cloud computing professional makes $146,000 on average annually. Arlington/Alexandria, VA, and Washington, D.C., two of the top five locations for cloud computing jobs, are both situated roughly 30 minutes away from the institution.

The founding principles of George Mason University were altruism and academic excellence. Additionally, the institution tries to assist students in becoming ready for a dynamic, constantly changing world and is a pioneer in research and scholarship. The tagline of GMO is Freedom and Learning.

Highlight: The school works with AWS Educate curriculum designers to ensure that the curriculum provides the skills students will need in the workforce.

Program: BAS in Cloud Computing


Another of the top cloud computing degree programs in the US is the Virtualization and Cloud Computing concentration offered by CSU Global. A BS in computer science and this specialty are also options for students. They can also select a BS in Information Technology or a BS in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics. There are five courses totaling 15 credits in the program. These five courses cover enterprise cloud computing, cloud technology fundamentals, virtualization technology foundations, and safeguarding virtual and cloud systems.

For the contemporary learner, CSU Global offers courses. Many of the students at the institution manage to attend class, work full-time jobs, and yet have time for their families and friends. Additionally, the courses are entirely online and equip students with the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in their new fields.

Highlight: This degree specialization allows students to advance their careers by adding specialized skills to their resumes.

Program: Virtualization and Cloud Computing


A Bachelor of Science in Cloud Computing is available from Western Governors University. One of the greatest degree programs in the nation is this one. Students who complete it will have the certifications necessary to improve their resumes and develop their professional careers. With the help of WGU’s online BS in Cloud Computing program, students can transform their love of technology into a rewarding career in cloud computing. Additionally, while pursuing their degrees, students have the opportunity to obtain AWS certifications.


The slogan of Western Governors University is “the world’s most student-centric university.” The school aids in closing the opportunity, talent, and experience gaps. By making use of what they already know, students can advance through their degrees more quickly. Students at WGU have the independence and flexibility they require to achieve.

Highlight: 84% of WGU’s Cloud Computing graduates complete the program within 18 months.

Program: BS in Cloud Computing

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